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How to lock keyboard in Windows 7 and XP

When you go out for a while, you may want to lock keyboard in windows 7 on laptop to prevent someone from using your computer.

Obviously, unplug the keyboard is not a smart choice, using the keyboard remapping tool to lock keyboard is very easy and convenient by only one clicking.

Pleas follow steps bellow to lock keyboard in Windows 7 or Xp.

  • Download and install KeyExtender
  • Execute the key convert tool
  • You will find the keyboard tool icon KeyExtender Tray Icon in the tray
  • Right click the icon, select Lock keyboard in the popup menu
  • The keyboard is locked now.

You can try to press any key on the keyboard, there will be no response at all. To unlock the keyboard, just click Unlock keyboard in the menu.

Select Lock Keyboard Menu

The tool support Windows series OS, including Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP. Also you can disable function key easily with KeyExtender.

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