How to remap mouse keys to keyboard

Somtimes, we need to click the mouse keys continuously, like playing games, or bid for some goods, so remap mouse keys to keyboard would make it more qukcily and easily.

KeyExtender is a keyboard remaping tool, it could not noly remap keyboard, but also can remap mouse keys to keyboard.

Pleas follow setps bellow to remap the mouse button:

  • Download and install KeyExtender
  • Execute the key convert tool
  • Press the key you want to remap to in the left dropdown box
  • Select the mouse key action in the right dropdown box(Click Left Mouse Button/ Click Right Mouse Button)
  • Click Change button and click Active to make it work

When you press the key remaped to mouse keys, it will simulate the mouse keys clicking you setuped. Also you can lock keyboard easily with KeyExtender.

How to remap mouse key to keyboard keys

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