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How to disable function key on laptop

Some times, you may find that the function key is trouble some, and want to disable function key on laptop or common keyboard. you may find some solution which modify registry entry to disable a specific function key,

Using Keyextender, you can disable function on keyboard in 3 click.

  • Download and install KeyExtender
  • Execute the key convert tool
  • Press the function key you want to disable in the left dropdown box, like Mute key
  • Click the dropdown in the right, and select DisableKey
  • Click add, and the click Active to make the key disabling work.

You can try to press the key to check whether disable function key successfully. With Keyboard remapping tool, you can also lock keyboard easily.

Disable Mute function key

if you want to cancel the disabling, just delete the transformation, or click suspend to stop the disabling.

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